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Camellia Seed Oil | Organic

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Organic Virgin Camellia seed oil moisturize, penetrates quickly and deeply, giving your skin optimum hydration without a greasy feel. Your skin will feel remarkably refreshed, smooth and firm. Replenish - it increases skin resilience, giving your skin a supple and radiant glow you can see and feel.

Camellia Seed Oil endows your skin with a luminous silkiness that no other product can match today. Restore - it eliminates or visibly diminishes fine lines and pitted acne scarring, and reduces the appearance of pores.

This oil prevents stretch marks such as those acquired during pregnancy. Camellia oil protects the skin from free radical damage, refines mature skin, and nourishes the complexion. It is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it silky smooth without the greasy feeling, making it one of the best kept secrets in the cosmetic and hair care industry

Camellia Seed Oil For Hair

Camellia Seed Oil offers similar benefits for hair. It adds shine, softness and smoothness to your hair. For centuries its been used as a traditional hair conditioner and also as a treatment to strengthen brittle nails..


Botanical Name: Camellia Sinensis

Country of origin: China

Extraction Method: Cold pressed

Color: Yellow to golden yellow liquid

Scent: Has a rich texture and a strong distinct odor.

Texture: Liquid

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