Vegan Eye shadow Palette | Scarlet

  • $39.99

A pallete of 14 creamy matte shades and 21 shiny shimmering tones, all the shadows has some touch of red pigments that's because RED is a very positive color that is associated with LOVE, PASSION, and WARMTH.

Made from the finest ingredients to achieve the high quality pigmentation and tested on ourselves in different temperature, weather, pressure, skin tones and liquids such as salt water, running water, and most acidic drinks to ensure it's consistency. 100% Guaranteed Cruelty-free, custom made unique tones.


  • Waterproof - gives your eye makeup a long lasting effect and consistency.
  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free- never was and never will test on animals.
  • Neutral Colors - we all love neutral colors that goes about our everyday look feeling confident. Some shades can be use to contour your nose or your face.
  • Scarlet Tones - are made to make you fall in love with everyday. Some tones can be use as blush and can do wonders to your eyes to achieve that innocent sexy look.
  • Metallic Shades - the lighter tones such as the Shimmer Peach and the Shimmer Pink Petal can be use in your inner corner, brow highlighter, cheekbone highlighter, water liner and of course can beautifully make your eyes pop!
  • Bronze Shades - are perfect for that luxurious goddess look that is a World Class signature used by women most likely on special occasions.
  • Mauve Shade - is mostly used for base on your eyelids or just a light makeup look that is easy to apply in every skin tone.


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